Supply Chain Art and Design

In Supply Chain Art and Design workshop, dedicated to artists and designers, you will trace the supply chain for a past project and imagine a new project with a supply chain that is conceptually aligned with the work.

Supplychain art

This workshop aims to help you see how aspects of your production and distribution process -- from sourcing materials to organizing your studio, from licensing your work to speaking about it --- can deepen your work and remind people of your intentions as an artist and designer. This workshop asks: how might public conversations about the lifecycle of a project change the value — the cultural and social significance, as well as market prices — of that project? This workshop provides a set of questions and production practices to think through structures of legitimization and economies of solidarity in art and design. 

Supply Chain Art and Design is a workshop in the Maker in Residence program.


Sabato 2 luglio 2016 - h 14.30-18.30

Per un totale di quattro ore. 


40€ - acquista cliccando il tasto "Book" in alto a destra.

Il corso si attiverà con un minimo di 4 partecipanti (verrai avvisato un giorno prima se non partirà).

In caso di cancellazione il costo verrà rimborsato completamente.  


Caroline Woolard is an artist and organizer whose interdisciplinary work facilitates social imagination at the intersection of art, urbanism, and political economy. In Woolard’s work, police barricades become beds; money is erased in public; a clock ticks for 99 years; public seats attach to stop sign posts; café visitors use local currency; office ceilings hold covert messages; 10,000 students attend classes by paying teachers with barter items; and statements about arts graduates are read on museum plaques. Woolard is the cofounder of the cultural equity initiatives OurGoods.org, TradeSchool.coop, and BFAMFAPhD.com, and the co-creator of the discrete projects Barricade to Bed, Shaker Residence, and Of Supply Chains.


The workshop is in english language

Supply chain art (€40.00)

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July 02, 2016 14:30 - 18:30 (GMT +01:00 Rome)

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via Stefanardo da Vimercate 27/5, Milano

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